Don't Eat Them

he distant thunder of hooves on the plains. The mournful howling of a farmer's dog protecting his lands. The rippling muscles of a team of drafts pulling a plow.

Animals are used in the day-to-day lives of people everywhere. From horses pulling carriages to dogs herding sheep, to the oxen pulling the plows of those too set in their ways (or too cheap) to buy horses, companion and work animals are indispensible.

Companion and work animals are such a profound part of medieval and fantasy culture (the great destrier, or warhorse, of the noble knight, the ragtag dog following the travelling minstrel), that it is a disgrace to have them neglected in fantasy roleplaying games.

Don't Eat Them is an attempt to describe, in some detail, the world of companion and work animals in a medieval fantasy world. It is released under the Open Gaming Licence, and is for use with the d20 system rules.